How To Get Free Entries

With every purchase you are entitled to 1 free extra entry. To redeem this you have to 

  • Follow us on Instagram
  • Like the Instagram post of whichever raffle you have entered
  • Then upload the post of the raffle you have entered onto your story 
  • Ensure you have tagged the page in your story post

If you have followed all of these rules you will be granted your free entry. This will be done manually by the swillsneakers team so you will not have to do anything else! 

If your Instagram is on private and we do not already follow you, please send proof that you have followed all the necessary steps as we will not be able to see if otherwise!

There is only one free entry available for each participant per raffle.

Please see the below image of one, of one of our customer's story's, as an example of how to redeem your free entry.